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Spanish numbers belong to the decimal number system, also called Hindu-Arabic numeral system, it was invented in India around B. The system was adopted by the Arabs at the very earliest. They brought it to Spain in A.

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The first attempts of writing were occurred long after the development of oral language, so the first efforts for the graphical representation of numbers came when the people started to count and perform numerical operations. As primitive man they had no measurement units — no currency, trade or pricing system. Written numbers appeared much later than the graphic language. The first numerical inscriptions known are the Egyptian in the year 3. Each system went as far as required to the needs of the people who used it.

The idea of a group symbol should naturally have occurred as early traders had developed the habit of counting, which made necessary numbers beyond the this was the case of Egypt and Babylon.

Numbers in Spanish game ()

Once the idea was suggested, probably by influence of fingers, symbols were invented for smaller units. The lack of stone around Babylon caused the inhabitants of the region to carve their symbols on clay tablets, which is then exposed to sunlight for bake hardening. They managed to create historical documents that were as permanent as stone. The first specific reference to Hindu numbers were found on a note written by Severo Sebokht, a bishop who lived in Mesopotamia around the year ; as mentioned nine signs, so it is logical to assume that he didnt know the zero.

Spanish Numbers from 1-100

People believe that some Indian astronomical tables were translated into Arabic, in Baghdad — by the end of the eighth century. The numbers mentioned certainly came to the attention of Arab scholars at this time.

Indeed, we know that by the year al-Khowarizmi wrote a book about the subject that was later translated into Latin by Abelardo Bath, back in 1. Although there are reasons which suggest that the actual numbers were known in Europe earlier than in Baghdad, it is not clearly proofed, and the truth is that the first manuscript that contains them, was written in Spain in the year We suggest you to practice them by saying them aloud a couple of times. The numbers also require some memorization, specially from 11 to You will have to memorize once 11 , doce 12 , trec e 13 , catorc e 14 , and quince After that you will notice there is a basic pattern to form the following numbers: you only need to take diez 10 or veinte 20 and follow them by the name of the corresponding digit to form the number you want.

Well, almost!

Numbers 1 to 100

There is a tiny trick to learn in order to spell correctly the numbers 16 through 19 and 21 through But wait, there's also a pattern here! The good news is that after treinta 30 the old spelling comes back and you can again use the basic pattern learned before: 31 is "t reinta y uno ," 48 is " cuarenta y ocho ," etc.

You can use the pattern to figure out any other number between them: cuarenta y uno 41 , sesenta y dos 62 , ochenta y och o 88 , noventa y cuatro 94 , etc.

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  5. Spanish Lessons Topics. From 1 to 10 Ok, these you do need to memorize: uno 1 , dos 2 , tres 3 , cuatro 4 , cinco 5 , seis 6 , siete 7 , ocho 8 , nueve 9 , and diez