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He is currently working on a textbook for use in Canadian university SF courses. Geoff Ryman carries a Canadian passport and finds it the most logical thing to describe himself as being. Clarke Award and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award first place. His mainstream novel Was won the Eastercon Award and was produced professionally as a play.

The musical version of Was opened in Dayton, Ohio in The book version the Print Remix won the Philip K. Dick Award. He also led the web design team that designed the first websites for the British Monarchy and No. Fred Saberhagen passed away June 29, Her prognosis is good, and she hopes to be cancer-free in She has three novels out about angels and demons: the first two and a companion novel in her Fallen Redemption trilogy. Lilith Saintcrow is the author of several paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and young adult series, including the "Jill Kismet" and "Strange Angels" series.

She lives in Vancouver, Washington, with her children, several cats, and other strays. After having completed an associate diploma in fine arts, Lawrence Salani decided that writing would help spur his imagination. He has always been interested in horror stories since schooldays, favourite writers being H.

Horror and death are analogous. For the last twelve years he has been a self-employed computer consultant working in the Edmonton, Alberta, area. He is married with four boys. His wife is a C. Brett Alexander Savory is the Bram Stoker Award-winning co-publisher of ChiZine Publications, has had nearly 50 short stories published, and has written two novels. His horror-comedy novel, The Distance Travelled, was released in , followed by In and Down in His first short story collection, No Further Messages, was released in November Robert J. Sawyer is one of the most successful Science Fiction authors in Canada and the world.

He has written numerous novels which have been translated into several languages, and has contributed to a number of anthologies and publications. Bianca Sayan works and hibernates in Toronto. During the day, she fiddles with code and spins yarns about a brave new world of data transparency. By night, she is losing the battle against her closet of hobbies. She spends a lot of time thinking how to make things better and is pretty antsy for the future to arrive.

Steven James Scearce is a writer by profession. He is a former journalist and assistant editor for a Midwestern arts and entertainment magazine. At present, he concentrates most of his creative efforts on the sci-fi web fiction series, Unknown Transmission. He resides in Kansas City. Andrea Schlecht was born in Germany, but grew up in Hamilton, Ontario.

She later moved to Ottawa with her husband where they raised a family. Her stories and poems have appeared in Realms of Fantasy , Prairie Fire , Dreams and Nightmares , Bywords and other magazines, both genre and literary. He has been published in a number of speculative fiction magazines, including On Spec , Sounds of the Night and Collective Fallout.

Matthew has also published a number of critical reviews in Canadian Literature. He has recently finished writing his first young adult fantasy novel and is working on a second. His next project will be a novel in French. Holly Schofield travels through time at the rate of one second per second, oscillating between the alternate realities of city and country life.

Her stories have appeared in such publications as Analog, Lightspeed , and Escape Pod , been used in university curricula, and been translated into several languages. She hopes to save the world through science fiction and homegrown heritage tomatoes. Lance Schonberg lives in eastern Ontario, Canada with his wife, children, feline overlords, and a growing menagerie of small pets.

Previous careers include bookseller, cubicle dweller, number cruncher, and craps dealer. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in a number of print and online publications. Gord Sellar was born in Malawi, then emigrated to Canada with his family as a small child. He's been living as an expatriate in South Korea since He is a graduate of Clarion West Peter Sellers lives in Toronto.

He occasionally writes short stories. His dark fantasy work has appeared in the Northern Frights series, edited by Don Hutchison.

Children's Book 'Must Reads'

In addition, he has edited thirteen crime fiction anthologies. Based in Toronto, Canada, Rebecca M. Senese writes horror, mystery, and science fiction, often all at once in the same story. When not serving up tales of the macabre, she dresses up as a zombie or vampire and volunteers at haunted attractions in October to scare all the unsuspecting innocents. She also tends to her rabbits, Domino and Gunther, to stop them from embarking on their plans for world domination. Five of his stories have appeared in translation in earlier Tesseracts anthologies, and four of his juvenile novels were published in English by Black Moss Press.

Grace Seybold has lived in Montreal since Mark Shainblum is the co-creator of Northguard and Angloman. He was co-screenwriter of the film The Crow, and has written scripts for television. Stephanie Short was born in Newfoundland and has lived in three other provinces since. She divides her time between writing, knitting, and convincing the neighbourhood children that she is actually a witch. Leah Silverman saw Star Wars at the age of five, and knew immediately afterwards that she wanted to create universes the way George Lucas did. She became a writer, and had her first story published in the Tesseracts 3 anthology when she was eighteen.

She now lives and writes in College Station, where she also raises her wonderful son, negotiates daily with three cats, and is still trying to get used to the high temperatures. I graduated from the University of Victoria with a B. As a post-Ph. My first "novel", lost in one of those moves, was a handwritten Robinsonade entitled Shipwrecked on an Island , produced when I was eight. My first published novel, LEGACIES, came out in February from Millennium, the science fiction imprint of Orion, London - which cuts a fairly long story short, since it was five years plus in the writing and another two in the revising.

Clarke Award for that year. My fourth solo novel, OPAL, dealing with the trials and tribulations of a shamanistic practitioner on a poorly terraformed planet, has started to make the rounds of publishers and I am easing into my fifth, working title WAIORA. As to why I write science fiction: To indulge a passion for knowledge of all kinds and science and medicine in particular. I have an excuse to read about everything from oceanography to nanotechnology, from color theory to the history of microscopy. Science fiction gives my imagination elbow room.

Before writing took over my "spare time", I fenced competitively, competing with the McMaster Varsity Squad, and studied archery and Aikido in an admittedly dilatory fashion. I have been a member of a variety of large choruses, most recently the Leeds Philharmonic Chorus and the Calgary Festival Chorus. I read voraciously and omnivorously, swim, and dabble in website building. Michael Skeet is an award-winning Canadian writer and broadcaster.

Born in Calgary, Alberta, he began writing for radio before finishing college. Robin Skelton is a senior Canadian writer who has published several books of poetry in addition to his fantasy works. He is also a practicing white witch and has written several book on witchcraft theory and practice. Angela Slatter is the author of the novels Vigil and Corpselight as well as eight short story collections.

The character of Kit Caswell first appeared in the novella Ripper. Lisa Smedman is the author of 20 books, an ecclectic collection of alternate history, science fiction, fantasy, gaming tie-in novels, local history books, and children's books. She has also written three one-act plays that were produced by a local theatre company, and has dabbled in writing screenplays and comic books. She's been a journalist since This was her "day job" until , when she began teaching game design at the Art Institute of Vancouver. Douglas Smith is an award-winning author of speculative fiction, with over a hundred short story sales to professional markets in thirty countries and two dozen languages.

His collections include Chimerascope , Impossibilia , and La Danse des Esprits , a translated fantasy collection published in France. Kim Solem is a licensed mechanical engineer who is fascinated by steam power and has been operating a recycled steam locomotive engine to heat a brownstone building. Her work includes mysteries, erotica, gay lit and science fi ction. Bradley Somer lives in Calgary, Alberta. Several of his works have dabbled in dark matters. Uwe Sommerlad has over the years published many reviews, articles and essays in many periodicals, and a few books in Germany, but his work also appears in English language magazines.

He has also worked as an actor on stage and on television in Germany. He lives in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Jennifer Sparling came to Prince George just over two years ago not expecting life to change as much as it did. One of the first people she met was Lynda Williams, who gave her an opportunity to utilize that long lost passion for spelling, grammar, and punctuation!

She has an English degree and wrote for several university papers while in school in Quebec.

She grew up in Vancouver and is now a happy and successful travel agent in Prince George. Heather Spears is a writer and artist who has held over 75 solo exhibitions of her work and illustrated and written numerous books and articles. In she was awarded the Canadian Governor General's Award for poetry. She currently lives in Denmark. Erik Jon Spigel is a professor of the Humanities specializing in Japan, who also has background in pure and applied mathematics. He has lived in the United States, Japan, and Canada working as a language teacher, a translator, an academic, and currently as a software engineer.

Rarely in his adult life has he been where he is in his own head. He currently lives in Toronto with his wife, Rui. His science-fiction stories have been published in sixteen countries in a dozen languages. Lucia Starkey grew up with one foot in the world of elitist academia and the other planted in development projects; an in-between place where fairies still flourish.

Her debut novel, Heart Like an Ocean was published in Christine makes her home in Manitoba with her husband, two kids, and horse. Fiction writer, poet, and playwright J. His short stories and poems have appeared in numerous periodicals and anthologies internationally, and over fifty of his one-act plays and a handful of full-length plays have been performed in Canada and the United States.

Lorina Stephens has worked as an editor, freelance journalist for national and regional print media, is the author of seven books fiction and non-fiction , been a festival organizer, publicist, lectured on many topics from historical textiles and domestic technologies to publishing and writing, teaches, and continues to work as a writer, artist, and publisher at Five Rivers Publishing. Lorina lives with her husband of four decades in a historic stone house in Neustadt, Ontario. Laurie Stewart is a mobility-impaired woman, living outside of Ottawa. She has been published in several anthologies, mostly themed.

She also has two published novels with Corvid Moon Publishing. Best-selling novelist Sean Stewart has won his fair share of awards over the years for his works of fantasy, science fiction, and magic realism. In , he added a new and surprising award to his shelf: an Emmy, for his role as one of the executive producers of the on-line digital HD program, Dirty Work.

The show, which is available for download free, and commercial-free, won the Emmy for outstanding creative achievement in interactive media, for original interactive television programming. It was the first time the Academy has given the award to a show created only for an online audience. He is an assistant editor at Intergalactic Medicine Show.

Eric lives in Murray, Utah, with his wife, Darci, a high school physics teacher. Peter Storey was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After travelling the world for close to six years and living in Japan for four years, courtesy of the US Navy, he immigrated to Canada and has lived in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria before returning to Calgary to settle. He currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, with his wife and a dark storm cloud that follows him wherever he goes. Jerome Stueart makes his home in the Yukon Territory.

Hailing from Missouri and West Texas, Jerome came up to the Yukon to work on northern science fiction. He fell hard for the place. He co-edited Inhuman. Jerome has taught creative writing for 20 years, and taught an afterschool course in fantasy and science fiction writing for teens for three years. James Lafond Sutter is an award-winning game designer, author, and musician, as well as the fiction editor for Paizo Publishing. In addition, his anthology Before They Were Giants pairs the first stories of science fiction greats such as Ben Bova, Cory Doctorow, Larry Niven, and William Gibson, with new interviews and writing advice from the authors themselves.

James lives in the Ministry of Awesome, a house in Seattle with five roommates and a fully functional death ray. Nick Svolos dropped out of high school in his senior year, joined the Navy and spent the next several years sailing around the western Pacific on the USS Enterprise. After discharge, he roamed around a bit and finally landed in software development. After his most recent job ended in a layoff, he decided to take a timeout and indulge the voices in his head by writing a novel.

Now, he ekes out a living as a freelance web developer and spends the rest of his time writing about the stuff he loves, namely, mysteries involving superheroes and orcs. Everyone in the house is an avid gamer, and their home often resounds to the sound of tumbling dice. Kelly Swails is a web editor and writer whose work has appeared in several anthologies. John Takis is a library assistant and freelance writer, whose short stories have appeared in multiple anthologies, including several volumes of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

His nonfiction writing includes liner notes for more than 75 albums of film and television music. John currently resides in his home state of Michigan.

What if I know the lyrics

Brandie Tarvin. Her first published work, a short story in the Transformers: Legends anthology, was based on the popular toy series. Tarvin is now a regular contributor of prose material for the Shadowrun series of role playing games and related fiction. Sullivan and is a freelance author for Catalyst Game Labs.

Lucy Taylor is the author of seven novels, including the Bram Stoker-award winning The Safety of Unknown Cities, and over a hundred short stories. She lives in Pismo Beach, CA. His stand-alone novella is In the Lovecraft Museum. She is also a published poet, an oral storyteller, and several of her plays have been produced. Stories have recently appeared in Interzone and Crimewave. Bevan Thomas , a driving force of the Cloudscape Comics Society, writes and edits comics and fiction in Vancouver. Kevin P. Now in Fort McMurray, he is currently a writer and poet, and formerly a soldier, military contractor and logistics specialist.

Chesterton and Msgr. He spends his life attending meetings. Lisa Timpf is a retired Human Resources and communications professional who lives in Simcoe, Ontario. When not writing, Lisa enjoys bird-watching, golf, organic gardening, and spending outdoor time with her border collie, Emma. He appreciates literature which explores the paranormal and the dark side of human nature. He also loves heavy metal music. Sarah Totton is a graduate of the Clarion and Odyssey workshops. She is a Third Place winner in the L. Tia V. She spent most of her life in and around Calgary, Alberta, before relocating to Northern California.

Leanne Tremblay is a new writer of fantasy for children and teens. She was inspired by the idea that history is largely written by the victors, not the vanquished. A graduate of the University of British Columbia and a long-time technical writer, she lives with her husband and two boys in a little seaside town near Vancouver, BC.

His novel, Defining Diana, was released by Bundoron Press in and was nominated for an Aurora Award in the long fiction category. A sequel, Steel Whispers, was published in August He lives with his wife and fellow writer, Elizabeth, in Ottawa where he does research for the Senator for the Northwest Territories. Jean-Louis Trudel is the author of 23 novels written in French, as well as dozens of other short stories and essays.

His work has been translated into English, French, Russian, and Romanian. Gerry Truscott has been an editor, writer, and publisher for more than twenty years. He lives in Victoria, Canada. Author Biographies P-T by author's last name. Pagliassotti, Dru Dru Pagliassotti is a professor of communication at California Lutheran University, where she teaches media theory and practice. Richard lives in Essex, Ontario with his wife, two dogs, and four children. Books: Expiration Date - story Patton, Fiona Fiona Patton is a fantasy writer and counsellor for the developmentally handicapped who makes her home in rural Ontario.

It's an album that I relate to on a level that no one should. This album is about being rushed to the hospital and finding out that you may die and readjusting your life, if there is any life left, so you can move forward in all ways and make the best of yourself. That actually happened to me in before Daniel Gildenlow has a similar fate in If there is anything to take away from this album it's this.

Live your life while you are still here, be the best possible you that you can be. For the longest time, the band's previous album, El Cielo, was my favorite of all time, and my favorite non metal album. That slowly evolved into Catch Without Arms. It is a masterpiece of what mainstream music could have been. Every single song could have been a top 40 hit if FM radio has an open mind we all know it doesn't. The band knew that and gave us an album that those in the know could appreciate and those that could search and hear it could see what could have been in a different world. The band is back and hopefully releasing an album this year or in I simply can't wait.

It's been 8 years strong, it's been much too long. It wasn't until the last couple years that they were toppled, but this album sstill remains one of, if not the greatest progressive metal albums ever made. Train of Thought along with Opeth's Deliverance mentioned earlier in passing were the two albums that steered me away from the Metallica binge I was on for almost 4 years and showed me a world of music I never knew existed and for that I can't thank DT enough.

This album is THE progressive metal. I can't sell it any better than that. Nightingale is the band for me above all others in his work. The perfect blend of prog, goth, and hard rock. It doesn't get too heavy, it doesn't get too poppy, it's just dark prog with that sense of other genres when needed and a fantastic story that is intermittent between so many of the albums.

Retribution is thel atest album from the band 6 years ago already??? If you want a good place to start with Dan Swano's work, I can't recommend Retribution by Nightingale enough! When I am at my wit's end and nearly on the edge of making things be done, I put this album on and it saves me every time I do. While not a concept album, so many of the songs are about death, foreseeing your death, and to live your life while you are still alive. It's utterly haunting listening to the lyrics when you know he died before the release of this album.

THis album always brings me to tears just thinking about it and having dealt with death, suicide, attempted suicides, and and the darkest of depression, I can't relate to this album enough and for that it is one of my favorite albums of all time. David Gold. This is technically one song. But it is known as their sophomore album. It is also my favorite song of all time, especially after seeing the song live in it's entirety.

Since it is such a grey area, I'm leaving an actual album as my favorite album of all time, but before we get there. This mammoth of a song is about death and life; both bringing the absolute worst and best emotions one can possibly feel respectively. Every single range of emotion is shown here and the music matches those moods getting into death metal territories at times but keeping that prog, doom, gothic metal sound in check. TO make, if you appreciate many different styles of music, especially the darkest genres, this album will make you feel every possible emotion and for that, it is my favorite song of all time.

So why not, in this case, the best album of all time? For those that knew me for a long time, Terria was my number one pick for the longest time. It hit me in every way I needed it to at the time, but over time, Ocean Machine kept creeping up on me with it's pop sensibilities, progressive metal goodness and just being Devin Townsend. I realize now how perfect this album is from beginning to end.

From the overly happy sounding song Life to the heavy Regulator to my second favorite song of all time, Bastard, to the 10 minute epic The Death Of Music. This is perfection all around, front to back, top to bottom and sealed with a wet Hevy Devy kiss. If I ever make a solo album, I want it to be even a tenth of the power that this album holds.

It's that important to me. And there we have it folks, it's over it's done. Mixing a great deal of pop into the band's already diverse sound was a big risk but it was one that totally paid off for songs such as Black Bubblegum and Milk Lizard, while still maintaining the classic style DEP songs that you know and love. This also mark's Gil Sharone's only drumming appearance on a DEP record and he absolutely shines no matter the style that is thrown at him.

Overall, It's so diverse and exactly what a Dillinger album should sound like. It's the perfect gateway album to the band and one that should be appreciated as such. It's sad we had to say farewell Mona Lisa , but at least we still have their entire discography to go back to and enjoy! Every release is dedicated to a different period in Death's discography. WHile the band still has several albums to go to fill out the entire discography of original music, it all started with their debut Savage Land; which is of course in the vein of Death's Scream Bloody Gore album.

The production is raw, the songs are maniacal, and vibe brings you back to perfectly. As you'll see later in the list, Deathis a band that truly means a lot to me in my musical endeavors and I absolutely appreciate that this band is dedicating themselves to replicating Death';s sound on every album they make, covering every single era and album. Start here and go forward. There is many more albums to enjoy and I can't wait. Every album is a bombastic take on prog that they add their own spin to and they are not afraid to go into any territory, no matter how heavy, light, progressive or poppy it gets.

With Affinity, it absolutely feels like an album that was made in funny enough, that's also a track on the album, WHile they keep their Haken core sound, they mix it with enough 80s aesthetics and flair that totally bring up the electronic years of prog 34 years ago. This is also the most commercial sounding Either way, it's the band at their most simplified and that is still off the wall crazy in technical ability, time signatures, and pure wackiness at times.

But if you don't mind the prog noodling though I am a huge noodling of the prog kinda guy. This is a good starter album for those that want to see what all the hype is about the band. It could very well be your gateway into prog and if it works, I have so many wondrous prog things to show you! I love mc chris, he represents so many facets of what I love about music, nerd culture, comics, life in general.

If you are like me and not that big into rap and hip hop, mc could be the guy that brings you into it as it shows off relateable and funny lyrics, amazing music composed and arranged my mc and some of the best skits you'll hear on a music album. Every album is more of a less a concept album or at least a theme album that brings everything together. The skits help the pacing out of the albums and the music is able to take stage as needed.

That is all represented here and then some.


New Releases

Seriously, just give the album a shot, it may break down some self composed barriers you have on music. It feels like I just saw Within Temptation supporting this album last year. Hydra is a bit of a farewell to the WT sound we grew up with and loved, which was represented in it's new form with 's Resist with it's focus almost entirely on the modern metal sound. Hydra keeps the symphonic elements still in check, but in hindsight, this change in sound is not a jaw dropping surprise, you can hear it on this album.

It's very catchy, poppy and heavy and the keys and symphonics are ever so slightly pushed back. This has some of my favorite WT songs of all time and features such amazing appearances from the likes of Howard Jones, Tarja, and yes X to the Z Xzibit hey, that song is arguably the best overall song on the album, shut your mouth! Just in case you are only familiar with WT from the Papa Roach collaboration on Resist, seriously, go back and discover what brought Within Temptation to this spot.

Hydra is one of the most beautifully put together albums of the s and it doesn't take long to understand why. I actually dig Resist a lot and it will be in my top of list. VERY hard not to put that album in this spot and just talk about where the band is at now, but I'll do my best. Winter Thrice is now to be looked at as a watershed album for the band as a mass exodus of the band happened before, during and after this albums release that shifted the band in many ways. A way to look at Winter Thrice is an album of desolation, isolation, and hopelessness.

Looking back at what was going on with the band, this completely makes sense. WHile I will say up till today, this was my favorite Borknagar album, it is one that you really should check out as it is a beautiful album amongst it's inner chaos. Just know that the band is even stronger now on the other side and it's glorious. There is a very strong argument to be made for that! Some may say it's Hemispheres or Moving Pictures instead of I will for one say that I think both of those albums are actually better than , but is the prog album that set the standard for what prog rock could be.

It was one of the first progressive albums to be heavy, have sci-fi stories and have a song that takes up the entire side of an LP. Besides the mega epic , the rest of the album has such killer rockin tracks that really makes this release a full album rather than just on epic to be known for. This is Rush entering it's pure prog phase and from there on out, it made some of the best recorded music ever in the process. I'll always go to bat for this album even if I feel differently about it now. The music is just so undeniably amazing. Hitting almost every conceivable roadblock along the way, the band eventually released their debut album nearly a decade after formation, Portal Of I, in You could feel the band finally being able to focus their attention on the next chapter of the band and show off all their tricks.

Progressive, black, death, post rock, classical; the band can pull off any genre, make it just extreme enough and add an element of unparalleled beauty to it all that could make anyone with emotions tear up. There is a reason why I have a Citadel wall hanger hanging up on my wall that I look at every single day in my living room. This band is such an incredible thrill ride of emotions and Citadel is the culmination of years of struggle that lead the band to FINALLY be able to turn the page, explore the world and become they wanted to be all along.

Seriously, go check this out immediately! Shaded Enmity- Forsaken and Forgotten FFO- Extreme Melodic Death Metal One of the saddest things about discovering music on your own comes from finding an incredible band that makes your jaw drop, it makes you stop anything you are doing and just try to comprehend everything you are hearing, being so excited to know that you found the band's latest album and showing it to the world Especially in my line of work, when I discover music directly on my own which I still try to do every single day amongst all the promos sent my way , I discover a band like Shaded Enmity and their musicality is some of the most awe-inspiring music I have ever heard.

Their use of genre changes, melodic overtones and sheer brutality that made me so infatuated with the band I tried playing them on the early version of my radio show as much as I possibly could. Then in the band split up and I was devastated. We all have those bands that wreck us when you hear the band will be no more. It crushes you.

Selected Bibliography

But it's moments like Shaded Enmity that remind me that the music will always be there to enjoy and that's what you should do with this band as well. This also sadly marks one of the final guest appearances of Warrel Dane, the song in question is now even harder to listen to now all things considered, but still absolutely breathtaking.

Cynic- Traced In Air FFO- Progressive Death Metal For the longest time, it was believed that Cynic would always be one of those bands that could have been when they released their stand alone album, Focus, before the band split up in the 90s. One of the greatest pieces of prog music that we had no idea we would ever get to see. Expanding upon the sounds of Focus but updating it just enough with new influences, new styles and simply killer production; Cynic became a new inspiring band to many of prog nerds like myself. While the beauty did not last and as of just a couple years ago, the band has fallen apart again and is now just in Paul Masvidal's hands.

We get to appreciate the work they did in that time because we had no idea we would ever get to see anything new from Cynic and what could of been, eventually came to be. Traced In Air is a full blown masterpiece of an album. WHile the band's previous material were master classes in doom metal; Heartless turn everything you thought you knew about the band and changed it for the better. The tempos varied more, the styles switched up, and the core Pallbearer sound became more versatile.

With that, when the band does a full blown doom epic like one of my now favorite songs of all time, A Plea For Understanding; it is so much more heartwrenching to listen to because it hits you so much harder on a musical and emotional level. When a band can put out music that can literally toy with your emotions, they are doing things right.

That's what Heartless came to be and is easily what I feel will be one of the greatest doom albums of all time. WHile having a much more poppy, electronic and 80s vibe overall; the lyrics are a great look at looking at yourself, trying to rebuild yourself and be the best you possibly can be in this dark world of ours. Plus when you have the magnificent Dan Swano mixing and mastering your album; you know it will end up sounding the best it possibly can be. This is by far the best OG album to date and it only takes one listen to understand why.

Go, be happy, and check this out! I is the Swallow The Sun sound you know and love. III is exploring their funeral doom metal side. Essentially, this is everything you love about the band spread over the course of 3 discs of original music. And as it was all released under one package But seriously.

Go pick up this triple album and let your ears feast on some of the darkest and most depressing music to every come from Finland. Easily some of their best material ever. Baroness is a band that will never put out the same album twice and every color album made so far has it's own flavoring. Purple has the most commercial sounding of everything done in the band to this day and it absolutely works for the band throughout every track. Getting to see this album live though not played all the way straight through was absolutely amazing to see and made me appreciate it even more.

While I may even have to give it up to Gold and Grey as my favorite Baroness album now, it's honestly a little too early to say. For one it just came out and two it's competing against Purple, it's an absolutely tough call for me, so let's just stick with this modern musical masterpiece for the time being. Go pick up Purple and see how varied music really can be with heavy tones. Combining more jazz, post rock, blues and electronic movements into it's twisted tales of the concept of "What would happen if the African American slaves sang about Satan instead of God?

Stranger Fruit also ups everything about the band, not just musically, but the production on this album is beyond stellar and what I was hoping the band would be allowed to have at some point. I just know they have been inactive for entirely too long and I wish they would come back. To the uninterested listener, this was the only song the band ever had. But not only did they miss out on two LPs and EP beforehand.

Combining elements of Native American, alternative, progressive and pop music; the band released this masterpiece of an album and every song is just jaw droppingly fantastic. Only reading about this album is an injustice, go listen to it. And check out the equally good Anchors and Arrows album which may end up being the final album from the band. Ihsahn grew weary of just making standard black metal music and wanted to make his own visions of music.

YOu simply will not hear the same Ihsahn album twice, he will not allow it! A brilliant masterwork of black metal, progressive metal, jazz, post rock and avant garde music. It sounds absolutely strange on paper, but the execution is nothing short of perfection. WHile also may go down as the most subdued Ihsahn album to date depending on how you look at it Other albums are far more black metal, or more avant garde or even in recent times nearly mainstream radio friendly. After takes what I mentioned earlier and puts into an album that never goes too fast or too slow, it just goes at the tempos that feel the most natural and it pays off for that reason.

As mentioned before there is no two similar Ihsahn albums so it's really hard to say which direction to go in. But if you want Ihsahn at his proggiest not avant garde, prog After is the album for you. With Last Chance To Reason Frontman Michael Lessard filling in for the band on a tour, they realized he was the guy they needed to change the band into what they have become. A very fair representation of that is a modern day Cynic. While still having metal elements, the band bands has become much moe focused on ambient, post, progressive and alternative music and that change really came with Language.

An album that really says goodbye to The Contortionist you used to know and hello to The Contortionist the band is now. Like Cynic's Traced in Air mentioned earlier, this is a seminal masterclass in songwriting and one of the most standout prog albums ever made in the 21st century. Listen and you will understand that change is good With that made me play the Katatonia discography on repeat many Upon all those listens, the album that hit me harder than anything else was 's Last Fair Deal Gone Down.

While one of the band's least heavy albums, musically, it is one of the darkest and most emotional albums of the band's career. Songs like Teargas and Sweet Nurse nearly make me choke up every time I listen to them and it's such a great feeling. While this obviously wouldn't be a lot of people's choice for top album and a lot of people will be shocked to see this album as my choice. It truly has become my favorite over time and if you want your Katatonia more on the rock side instead of the metal side, this is the album for you!

You either love their early day raw black metal sound or you love their newer proggy black metal side. WHile I actually do love both sides of the band, without question my favorite era is the current latter era. Every single album gets better and better with every release and yeah, I will say the band's latest album, E, is actually their finest work to date. So why didn't I choose it for this? Roots Of The Mountain is my overall favorite Enslaved song and it just warped my mind on what is possible in progressive and black metal music. This juggernaut of an album is actually when a lot of the older fans eventually gave up on the band.

Of course I went against the grain and loved them even more for it and for that reason this will always be my favorite Enslaved album. Simply majestic music! Agalloch- The Mantle FFO- Atmospheric Black Metal, Progressive Black Metal, Folk Metal Despite words and phrases that came from a member of the band in recent times, and the fact the band simply imploded after their last tour including their only time visiting Minnesota, so glad I went , Agalloch is still a band that matters so much to me and yeah, it's one of those instances where you have to separate the art from the artist.

The Mantle is the godfather album of what atmospheric black metal, blackgaze, post black metal, and folk metal would eventually evolve into. Every song is just as superb as the next no matter if it's a post rock instrumental, a heavy black metal song or the somber Desolation Song which I didn't realize has a chord progression that sounds just like Dream Theater's Disappear, which came out the same year.

Simply put, The Mantle is a life changing, genre defining, and masterclass of an album. There is a reason it is so beloved and you should go listen to it and see why for yourself. There's no other way to describe it. This band has written a song in almost every single genre of rock and metal music and it sounds completely natural and So good in fact, it was about time that the band actually released an album called Good just a couple years back. It more than lives up to the album name as it showcases some of the most off the wall time changes, style changes, and emotionally driven songs the band has done so far.

How Do Ghosts Work? Seriously if you want some of the best musicianship, songwriting, vocal performances and overall album experiences you can ever have pick up good. You may even say it's good yourself! This is just a perfect album from start to finish and the perfect example of what modern metalcore is, could be and should be.

I truly discovered Killswitch with The End Of Heartache, but even more so, on the Freddie Vs Jason soundtrack amazing soundtrack, terrible movie which both has the song When Darkness Falls and my enjoyment of knowing that metal could be just as catchy as the radio and commercial music could be just as pummeling as any metal band that you'll never hear on the radio can be. Absolutely no shame. Mastodon- Emperor Of Sand FFO- Progressive Metal Mastodon is one of the great, most consistently great, and genre mastering bands to come to this civilization we know as human life.

It is so rare to see a band last 7 albums so far and not have a single lineup change. You could easily make the argument that any Mastodon album is their best and you would not be wrong, every Mastodon album rules for various reasons. And for the longest time Crack The Skye was my all time favorite for it's pure prog atmosphere.

That changed in when a seemingly new Mastodon album would come out, chloroform Crack The Skye off my favorite Mastodon album ranking and take it's place. No matter how heavy, catchy, somber or proggy you love the band for; its represented here and it's an album sheer wonder and I couldn't dare to skip a single track ever. This is simply how you write modern progressive metal, making the music YOU want to make.

Mastodon will go down as one of the best progressive metal bands of all time, there's just no denying it. WHile he was not the first to use a 7 string drop tuned guitar in metal; he revolutionized it and Nevermore became the underground heroes of metal. Of course everything that came before this album is amazing to listen to an enjoy, you just can't deny that the band became what they were meant to be with Dead Heart In A Dead World.

Absolute proves that you don't need to scream and growl your music to make some of the heaviest music on the planet. Plus the musicianship from everyone in the band set the standard for what band's should be able to accomplish going forward. While the band will be forever lost with it's fallen hero Warrel Dane's passing taking away any chance of a reunion we are left with some of the greatest albums in prog, thrash and metal history.

See you then! We are really getting into the nitty gritty of albums that I put on as often as possible and ones that have affected me the most. Maybe You'll have a similar feeling? Lets forge ahead with part 12! Well worth a listen. When you think of Cathedral, you wonder how much heavier doom can get, then Dorrian aligned himself with past members of Electric Wizard and made so far two of the heaviest, sonically brutal doom metal albums to date.

The latest album from With The Dead could not possibly be heavier on all fronts and the music is top notch. Seriously, one of the best doom albums ever made. Native Construct made an amazing concept debut album with an incredible story and extremely well crafted prog songs that hit you on every level.

Similar to bands like Spiral Architect, you are going to wish for a sophomore album that will never be, but that should not take away from the power and glory that is Quiet World. The band is a loving tribute to the melodic black metal and progressive black metal of bands like Dissection and Emperor but with all original music created by Obscura's Steffen Kummerer.

Everything you love about mid to late 90s black metal and no guilt is covered here and it sounds amazing. The band's latest album is one that shows the band at prime originality and songwriting. Go check it out. Earth Rocker is the heaviest Clutch album of the 21st century and with the exception of one slower song right in the middle to give you a breather Gone Cold , this album is filled to the brim with fast, heavy, rockin' songs that makes you wanna rock hard.

It's easily my favorite album from the band for that reason alone. Everything that came before it had the more classic progressive power metal sound and epic tracks. Everything that came after is more consistent and heavier songs. Paradise Lost was that bridge of an album that combined the best of both and they were able to create the best SX album to date for that reason.

You'll be hard pressed to find a SX fan who doesn't consider Paradise Lost one of their favorite album, if not their favorite album from the band. Cloudkicker- Beacons FFO- Instrumental Progressive Metal, Ambient There is a reason I use Cloudkicker tracks as themes for all of my shows, podcasts, interviews, etc well besides the fact that they are available to use for fair use. Cloudkicker's sophomore album is one that is one of the most consistent pieces of the band's puzzle. Simply put, this shows off both sides of the band perfectly in one concise LP.

Creating that viable mix of death metal, metalcore, industrial, and pop music into a special blend that can make pop fans a fan of heavy music and metalheads a fan of poppy music. While every Raunchy album rules, Death Pop Romance is their masterpiece so far and I can't wait to see where the band continues to go next. Between both LPs and their debut EP, there is no wrong choice to star, but you may wanna go with the debut LP to see what the band started off as in a full length album. WHile the band has had many ups and downs, I have my complete faith in the band they will come back as the reckoning force that they deserve to be.

THey are about to embark on a new tour, go see them! No matter the project that he writes for, he makes that album cycle the best that it can possibly be. With the latest Ayreon album, it is a prequel to the Ayreon story and features some of the best voices in prog, power and symphonic music. It's a masterpiece of symphonic, power and progressive music. Listen and find out why. Ghost- Opus Eponymous FFO- Occult Rock, Heavy Metal Before the band became the mainstream superstars that they are now for better or worse , they were the underground satanic occult rock, heavy metal band that shook up the metal world in the early s.

The debut album is a perfect mix of Mercyful Fate and Blue Oyster Cult that combines the best of heavy and catchy music that band forged and refined the band into what they are today. Check out this debut album and see if your preconceived notions of the band change. They set the bar with every album they release as to what every power metal band around should be capable of at the time. The perfect showcase of the epic, folk, and power metal the band is known for and influenced every single power metal band that came after. Blind Guardian is one of the best for a reason, find out why.

WHile the band has gotten lighter with every subsequent album from here on out, they never lost what made them the established band they are with Meanderthal. Go pick up this underground classic. I mean besides being the lone album featuring Peter Tagtgren, they band is rounded out with members from Katatonia, Edge of Sanity and Opeth playing the most brutal old school death metal. You simply couldn't ask for anything more. This is what death metal should strive to be. Taking the black metal and blackgaze sound mixed with North American folk instrumentation and songwriting and you get one of the most unique bands around.

This album is a metaphor for the band moving from Kentucky to Minnesota and all that comes with it and it is some of the most beautiful black metal music you will ever hear. Just one listen and you'll completely understand. While it is still diverse is in it's musical stylings, it covers ground from everything from alternative rock to country to cheerleader chants to death metal.

Faith No More has never settled on one style for the band and they are so much stronger for that reason. ANgel Dust is the pinnacle of the band's career for good reason. Ice T's metal band has put out some of the best metal albums in the past 30 years. The band's latest album is a great look into social issues, personal struggles, and a few horror metal songs thrown in for good measure. Catchy and brutal, this is what I've loved Body Count for for so long and it's about time that you do the same as well. Start here and go backwards.

All One-Hit Wonders - nukarimeqa.ml

Razorblade Romance will always be my favorite album from the band for it's unique sense of songwriting that influenced me personally for almost 20 years now, and that is absolutely insane to think about now that it's been that long. Fleshgod Apocalypse- Veleno FFO- Extreme Symphonic Death Metal Simply put, sometimes the roughest patches in a band's career can lead to the band's biggest triumphs and that is exactly what happened here. WHile it's only been out a couple months now, Veleno is BY FAR the greatest achievement in the band's history, but quite possible extreme symphonic death metal as a whole.

This is how you can make a complete diverse album that can make you tear things apart and make you cry at the same time. This is perfection! Taking their established sound and fusing more prog, classic rock and jazz elements was such a risky move; but it was a move that has pushed them to the upper tier of metal bands going today. This album is what I wish more bands would try to accomplish. Teddy Moller has one of the most unique voices in metal, you match that with a great sense of extreme, death black, and prog metal.

It feels like a mix of Fates Warning and Ihsahn. From These Waters is one fo most commercial sounding albums in the band's catalog, but nowhere near a top 40 rock band. It's an excellent starting album that should get you to see the brilliance that is LOch Vostok. The Sophomore album, to me, refines the sound into exactly what they want the band to be and it's done to perfection. If you want the epic of epic power metal bands, it doesn't get better than Demons And Wizards. It just doesn't get any better than that.

The darkest album in the band's career my go down as one of the least talk about albums in the band's catalog, but it deserves to be one of the most talked about for everything it accomplished from story writing, to production to the 17 minute epic Dante's Inferno. Burnt Offerings is an underground classic pwoer metal album and it's about time you heard it for yourself.

While the band went from straight up black metal to a post hardcore band; Settler was the album that was the perfect album that showcased both the post side and black metal side to the band in one of the strongest showings of blackgaze and post black metal in the s. While the band is gone, the legacy will always be there, go check out all three albums, but start off with Settler, it's well worth it. And that does it folks, there is part 12 of this mammoth list.

We are finally in the Top For some people this alone is too much to comprehend and can't even begin to think of albums they enjoy. For me? I feel like I am hitting the albums that mean the absolute most to me and shaped me the most in my music listening, enjoyment, and life in general. The previous albums did that as well, of course they did, but for a lot of people reading, this is where you are going to start paying the most attention so I had to make sure to get these as close to the perfect order as possible. So let's crack on and explore the beginning of my top albums of all time.

That's right, you take the song structure of King's X, the aggression of Pantera, but you make the vocals either as heavy as Anselmo or as catchy as the Beatles and you get one of the most underrated bands to ever exist. Machine Fish was a great example of all three bands described. It gets as heavy as it does poppy, it gets as emotional as it does aggressive; all within amazingly well crafted songs and killer production.

This is a band that thankfully came back into our lives and give them the attention that they deserved all this time! Well the prime example of what post rock is all about is in the band Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Most specifically this seminal album. Many uses of voice, movie, speech, and sound clips. Every song taking emotion in music without vocals and gradually building every song from simple and ambient to some of the most bombastic chaotic sensations you ever felt in your life. Don't believe me? Listen to the track, Static, when the voice clips are done and the strings start to take affect; close your eyes and let the music take hold of you.

If you make it through the segment called World Police and not feel a sense of dread and terror hitting you, you have never been affected emotionally by music before and I feel very, very sad for you. This is a perfect double album and one that can be life changing. Go listen and find out why. You wanna hear everything going on and especially on the early albums, that's nearly impossible. Fast forward to and all of that has been changed with the band's latest album.

It is a pure sonic delight. The production is everything I wanted out of Dark Funeral for the first time. And of course, the songs are absolutely killer. This is the Dark Funeral album for the ages and it doesn't take long to sit down with the album and understand why. Seriously, go do it! If you have yet to hear the latest two JLB solo albums, you are in for a bit of a rude awakening from what you've heard in Dream Theater. Simply put, this album is what it sounds like if Dream Theater and Soilwork ever formed a band and it's a thing of pure beauty.

I really hope we can get more solo albums from JLB in the future, especially like this. It's been way too long. WHile I've never related too much to the sappy love songs or breakup songs that are apart of almost every genre of music just never had that kind of life , I do love vocal melodies, catchy hooks and if it can be a great example of making things poppy; I'm sold. WHile in all honesty, I do love the band's next album, In The Wake Of Determination, much more as it is a metal album; Page Avenue was another example of a band and album that proved to me that pop is not a bad thing and be just as good as any metal album out there.

Just drop your preconceived notions and give it a chance. They took so many great elements of death, doom, and progressive metal and really made it their own. This amazing sophomore album is what sorrow, dread and hopelessness really feels like. The final track on the album, the instrumental title track brings me to tears every single time I hear it and it was the very first instrumental track I ever heard to do so. I can't recommend this enough. Go check it out! While everyone has their favorite era of the band, I say it loud and proud; the Messiah era of Candlemass is superior to all.

That voice is unparalleled and no one else can pull off his voice. Plus the music matched with it in his time in the band is undeniably some of their best riffs ever. The Title track stands out to me as that perfect combination of everything I love about the band all in one album and while I newver hear enough people talk about this album Go pick up this phenomenal album asap! The Sophomore album picked up the best parts of the debut album, added even more to it's absolute power and made this one of the most important albums of , let alone the 21st century so far.

The real standout of the album is the vocal performance from Ronnie Romero, who sadly is no longer in the band. I'm interested to see where the band will go now with their 4th album, but till then, the band's 2nd album is a perfect album from beginning to end, everything just feels so natural and the way it should be and it just can't be topped We'll find out!

Seriously, go check out the band's debut album, Nocturnal Masquerade which was recorded a year earlier , then come back to this. Completely night and day difference. But here's the kicker! Those are both sides of the band. As chaotic as the band gets on the debut album, they get just as atmospheric, ambient, and beautiful at the same time. I love a band that is able to show off both sides of their personality like that, especially with both albums being released so close together.

It's quite impressive. I can't wait to see what tricks are up the band's sleeve for their 3rd album, but until then, check out both albums and kick back and relax to Phantom Amour. You'll be glad you did! This album, in hindsight, is actually a sad but perfect album to showcase that fear of death, life and everything that happens between those two. While most of Riverside's material has that very somber, Porcupine Tree depression filled sadness, this album is actually a departure from that, to focus more on yourself and to make the most of your life while you are still here.

I love that message and listening back, it's a tear jerker of an album even before you know that Pitor died a year after it's release. It's a grand reminder that we never know when your time is done on this planet. Make the most of it and live life. By far, The Gathering, and the previous album, Demonic, are the two most brutal Testament albums ever made.

WHile other albums touch on what's done between both albums, nothing even compares. WHile Demonic is more focused on the death metal side of the band, The Gathering brings back the thrash attack amongst the death metal aspects and it makes for a perfect formula of evil music that feels like what you see when all hell reigns down on earth.

If we live to see the end of the world, put this album on and see if I was right. Also, the album just slays not a pun about the fact that Dave Lombardo plays on this album, I swear! And it might all be played at the same time. This is a band that has never recorded the same song twice let alone same album twice and the controlled chaos all came from this self titled debut album.

WHile there were two EPs before it, the self titled release is what got the underground world hooked on the band and they were catching steam ever since. Though it's been a few years since their last release, I really hope something new is in the pipeline at some point as we need this mix of rock, metal, electro, death and insanity once again. This lone album is something that a nearly lost treasure, but it is such a great album that is worthy of your time. No screams here, just amazing clean vocals over some of the most beautifully controlled heavy metal.

For a good long time, this was the sole album from the band, but they have released two albums since, which is fantastic to see. There is just something about the beauty of the first album that still holds up nearly a decade later with it's soaring vocals, beautiful guitar and bass work, proficient drumming, and killer keys. This was such a perfect debut album and it's sad to see the band did not reach the masses it deserved to reach. The fact they wills till write music together though proveds that the passion is still there.

Seriously, go pick up this album! This is the closest thing you'll get to that. This is not an album or band for the faint of heart. This goes all across the board musically in ways you would never think about. Deadly Scenes is jsut an album you have to experience for yourself and get back to me.

It's worth the deadly trip. They can go from AOR to Genesis to Kenny Loggins and cover so much ground all while still maintaining an edge that makes them still sound original. Really it sounds like a band that got sent in a time machine from to present day and continued on as band. If you want a fantastic but contemporary throwback to the 80s, go check out Magic Dance. If you want more of just the heavier side, pick up the album Vanishings. If you want the full 80s experience like me, go New Eyes. You won't be disappointed. Paul, MN was one of the best shows I ever seen in my life.

All 3 bands just blew me away, but to focus on that first band, Ancient VVisdom played this Satanic occult rock that made my jaw drop. The band is true to their word and it's not a shtick to the band, it's the real deal. With every AVV album, it has a different sound. Point being, you will not hear the same album twice. While the band has only gotten better with age, A Godlike Inferno will forever be my favorite for making my jaw drop during their set with their intensity and immediately having to buy their album after their set.

While I am not really man of any religious beliefs, if you can pull me in like AVV has done, you have my upmost attention. Go check these guys out! Novembers Doom- Aphotic FFO- Death Metal, Doom metal, Progressive Metal This album came out in a very important time in my life, while I had a fan of the band for years at the time, my life was going to hell in a bad way a sadly normal situation in my life and I got the promo for this album very quickly into my career. The absolute pain, heartache and sorrow that hurts you emotionally on this album was a pain that I needed to hear to feel less alone.

WHile some songs are just straight up horror songs like Buried which has one of my favorite guitar solos ever on it , there's a song like What Could Have Been that makes me tear up every single time I hear it. You just may feel the same way. I am a sucker for concept albums and every KD album is a horror story. This album is just killer from start to finish. As much as I love the album, it took me seeing the album live to fully appreciate the story being told and if you got the chance to see Abigail live, you understand.

You just can't top the king for horror metal, no one ever has and no one ever will. If you haven't yet, go check out this album and understand why. This man changed my life in so many ways, it could have been his solo albums, Nevermore, or Sanctuary, his vocal delivery is something to behold and I feel we took it for granted why he was still here. It really pains me that I was at his last show in Minnesota with Sanctuary and I got to do my only interview with him.

Had I known what was come just a couple years later I would have asked so many more questions, more in depth thinking of what was on Dane's mind because he was such a smart, intellectual guy, and I only got 15 minutes with him. But with that, This album is what dreams are made of in 80s metal. This is a landmark album that paved the way for so many bands that would be influenced by it in time. You can't tell me that Battle Angels isn't one of the greatest metal songs ever made WHile the band is active again with one of the greatest voices around Joseph Michael of Witherfall; you can still enjoy the Sanctuary legacy in a smaller way.

Warrel Dane was one of a kind, Check out the debut album from Sanctuary to understand why. Fates Warning- Theories Of Flight FFO- Progressive Metal Fates Warning is an example of a band that no matter who is in the band at the time, they will do their best to put out the best material possible. I don't say that lightly as albums like Awaken The Guardian and Parallels are absolutely some of my favorite albums. There was some kind of awakening in the band that made them write their best work, give their best recorded performances and just give uis their greatest album ever 12 albums into their career.

This is a modern progressive metal masterpiece, go listen and understand how this came to be. Be it in the way you want them to or the way you don't want them to evolve. AN album that I feel is the strongest work they have ever done. A great blend of melodeath, thrash metal and great pop sensibilities that would be explored on every subsequent album from this point forward. It was almost written as if it was a farewell to the band's original sound before they realized they needed to reroute their sound to remain in the metal game see what I did there? Some of the biggest IF songs are on this album and the album tracks are some of the most stellar songs of the band's career.

Start to finish, this is melodeath at it's finest and I wouldn't want it any other way. There is a strong argument for every single PL album and I could easily change my mind once again before finishing this up, but I won't, I'm staying with Tragic Idol. Tragic Idol was another farewell album of sorts. For the longest time, the band stayed away from it's death metal, deathdoom sound vocally and stayed with either clean vocals or heavy clean vocals. Tragic Idol is the last album to do that before the band let the growls come back stronger than ever.

WHile again, I can make the argument for the early day, mid era goth electro, modern doom metal or the resurgence of the band of the last two albums combining it all. Tragic Idol has some of the heaviest songs in the band's career growled or not. This is an album that you can listen to front to back and instantly start it over without a second thought.

Its a gothic masterpiece and Paradise Lost is a band that needs to be cherished. I think with just one listen of Tragic Idol will make you understand. With Pink, it feels like a grand culmination at the time or all of their best work in all new original music. But anyways! This is Boris at my absolute favorite and I can't recommend it enough. Pink is the perfect starter album. I got this album not too long after a suicide attempt and it was the album I needed at the time along with Novembers Doom's Aphotic talked about earlier in this section of the list.

This album is about coming to the realization of your mortality and somehow, someway, being able to defeat death in this case, a real bout with cancer and live life the way it was meant to be. WHile I've noticed it's not one of the fans favorites due it's more raw production; I found it to be the album I needed to keep me going in a time of need.

I still struggle every single day from mental health issues; be it depression, anxiety, PTSD, or trauma. But sometimes it takes hearing someone relating their struggles with life and their possible mortality to make you feel less alone and want to get the best out of life while you still can. It may not be considered the best, and it may not be what I even consider their best work, but it will always be my favorite album from Redemption. And there you go, folks, another 25 albums down. I am fully aware that I am a madman for covering albums in such a short amount of time, but it's been so incredibly worth it.

Thank you for sticking around and tune in tomorrow for Part XII: ! Welcome to the last week of showing off my favorite albums of all time. We've finally hit part ten and only 4 parts to go after this. I hope if you've been reading so far, or checking out the Spotify playlist, that you found some great new to you music to enjoy. Let's get right into it with albums ! From being a completely raw, atmospheric black metal band to embracing the new resurgence of shoegaze, post rock, and the tiniest bits of metal left in their sound.

The band's latest effort is a concept album separated into 6 parts is a mesmerizing piece of music that fills you with a sense of colored wonder, every song, bringing in a different color. WHile it's been 5 years since this album, let's hope the band comes back in and shows the world that they are stronger than ever. There is no finer example of that description than this album. A Band that mixed black metal and shoegaze to utter perfection on 's Roads To Judah. With that, starting a revolution of sound to what is possible in more indie music and metal music.

While some say they have gone too far in the indie side of things with every subsequent album, Roads To Judah is the band at their darkest. The black metal shown off here is superb and it adds the right amount of the shoegaze flavor to separate it from it's peers at the time. While many people actually believe the band started with the album, Sunbather; they are missing out on their most metal album to date, and it's an excellent showcase of songwriting and how to create something original in music. Shining- Blackjazz FFO- Blackjazz Just like the FFO proclaims, this is blackjazz, black metal and jazz fused together in a bombastic, insane display or genre bending.

Only a band that started off in jazz and wanted to move into a new direction could have pulled this off in such an incredible way. If you can withstand the power and insanity that this album brings, you can take on the world, because this album goes completely bonkers in the best ways possible. Though if it's not for you, their are the other sides of the band to check out, so don't be scared off completely.

Shining is an ever evolving band and they absolutely deserve to be. Between it's slick production, catchy as all get go riffs, and phenomenal songwriting; this is what I wish mainstream radio would have strived for instead of what happened in the s, but that's all in the past now. With CKY they put on some of their finest work in the early stages and it still lives up to this day.

Go check this out and find out why. The Faceless- Autotheism FFO- Technical Death Metal, Progressive Metal It's quite hard to talk about this band in whole, so I'll just leave it up to you to look up if you want to explore what Michael Keane has done with the band, so I'm just going to talk purely music here. Autotheism is an album that mix of tech death and prog that really showed that there is a difference between the two genres.

Before this album, the prog was hinted at, but here it's on full display amongst the chaos being played. Many diehard fans hated this album, for ones like me, it brought me to enjoy the band more. While other things made me less interested in the band as years have gone by, I can't deny the power and glory that is Autotheism. You just may enjoy it as well.

Lovecraft and the horror he brought to fiction and literature as a whole. The album is the perfect soundtrack to his work and fills you with a sense of dread and despair, but it's done in one of the best ways. While previous albums from the band explored so many different territories from prog to fuck to thrash to death metal, The Outer Ones sticks closest to just one style and in this case, it made the album as strong as it could possibly be. Not that I am against experimenting on subsequent album, but here, it was the perfect album at the perfect time. Go check out Revocation!

But with that, they didn't lose the pop punk, punk rock elements that made the band known. They just started embracing the heavy side that people always wanted to see in the band.

While this was a polarizing album for the band with many fans not liking metal in the slightest, it made me a bigger fan of the band and this is an album I constantly spin all the time. Even if you think Sum 41 isn't your thing, Just try giving Chuck a chance, it may change your mind. Most people think of Death, or Cynic.

Others travel over to the Netherlands to think of a band like Pestilence. WHile embracing the sides that was brought from the beginning of the band, but going even further with their jazz influences. This is a musician's band. There is so much to appreciate from everyone in this band and on each album and Unquestionable Presence may be the greatest showcase of talent the band ever put out to date.

This seminal piece of melodeath has beent eh benchmark for what melodeath can be in the 21st century. The most brutal growls you will ever hear in the genre mixed with the most beautiful vocals you'll hear in melodeath both provided by Christian Alvestam and of course the amazing music. This is one of the best metal albums around for a reason, it's about time you hear it and understand why. With 3 fantastic albums to the band's name so far. The band's debut will always have the most sentimental meaning to me. For my own thoughts, Trampled Sun is what I feel commercial rock radio could be if given the chance.

It's not afraid to be fast and heavy, it's not afraid to be fun and catchy, it's not afraid to slow things down and bring some cool vibes. Kyng plays what they want to play and are unafraid of how they will sound. They make the music they want to play and I love them for it. Go check out this and the other two albums to see exactly what I mean. Combining such great theatrics with insane musicianship, soaring vocals, hellacious screams, and genre bending on the turn of a dime. Stolen Babies does it all and so much more. WHile there is very little in the band's discography so far, I'm hoping that will change in the future, if nothing else, a good excuse to play live again as they put on an amazing show!

If you like your music quirky, twisted, and insane, check out either album from the band, but possibly start with Naught, it's a bit more accessible and easier to find. Skyforger was my introduction to the band and I was immediately hooked from it's majestic vocals, killer songwriting and the right amounts of melodeath, folk and rock elements to make this band completely stand out. There is no bad era of Amorphis, but a great starting point for someone like me is Skyforger, so I can't recommend it enough.

Demians is a one man project where the one man literally does it all except live. The beginning of this underground empire began in with Building An Empire. It's a unique blend of prog, pop, and alternative rock. SOunds odd on paper, but it truly works. All 4 albums are fantastic, but this album is complete and utter brilliance. Listen and let the music take over you. Showcasing the power, prog, doom, and simply epic moments of this band in one album is almost too much to take in one listen, but the more you give it a chance, the more you start to understand everything going on and you really feel the power of what this band was about.

WHile ever release from the band is something that is worthy of your time. There is something about Fear Of Infinity that sticks out as their best work to my ears and it very well could be for you as well. With that, it is a my sheer disappointment I will never get to see this band live. For me, it's been number one since I picked it up day one. The reason is simple. Every Alcest album has a palette of heavy, clean, heavy, clean, etc. Except this one. This is the one album that feels like a best of Alcest with all original music.

Plus this album has the finest use of blast beats ever used in the song, Faiseurs De Mondes. THAT is how you use blasts for a purpose! Anyways, go check out Alcest and all of the emotional power they hold! It's such a unique blend of prog, metalcore, and ambient music. While that letter genre is more focused on the debut album, Polars, on Drawing Circles, it's used in the perfect doses to offset the more metal vibe that really takes hold. Not many bands ever got to match metal and ambience as well as Textures did and it's a shame we not longer get to hear new material from the band, but on the upside, this fantastic album is still around for the world to enjoy!

Cannibal Corpse- Kill FFO- Death Metal It's not too often that you get to say that a band put out their most memorable album 16 years and 10 albums into their career, but that's exactly what happened with Kill. While the rivalry continues on between who was better Barnes or Corpsegrinder, I gotta give the edge to Corpsegrinder for his pure power on every CC album he has ever been on. The production is just clear and raw enough on this album, and the absolute greatest part of this album is the songs. Every single song is a sheer brutal attack be it fast or slow or mid paced.

It's everything you want from Cannibal Corpse, sans the artwork being the only CC album that just shows the band name and logo and nothing else. Seriously it's a death metal masterpiece! The heaviest album in the band's career at the time , thier sheer quirkiness, sinister lyrics, and genre shifting is jaw dropping to say the least.