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  1. The Millennial Managers Have Arrived
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It brings about the question of how to manage people that are older than you and balance their advice with the direction you want for the company.

Navigating these new waters takes communication and professionalism. I've spoken with some of these millennial tech CEOs about managing more experienced employees, what they've learned, and their tips for others.

How millennial tech CEOs manage more experienced employees on their team. Note here that confidence is different than arrogance.

The Millennial Managers Have Arrived

You certainly don't have to pretend that you know everything. You can be humble and take advice. The key is to know your role and be confident about your strengths. Christian Lanng, now the CEO and cofounder of Tradeshift , founded his first company at just 19 years old.

Recruiting is Marketing, Marketing is Recruiting

It forces you to really think about your role. One critical part of a founder's role is to guide the vision for the company, Lanng adds. You are the keeper of the vision. Your executives' job is to help define the path.

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What keeps a startup afloat is everyone believing in it. Being clear on roles also allows you to fearlessly admit when you're unsure about something or there's a gap in your knowledge. People will actually be more loyal if you are willing to show that you need and value them. Ultimately, says Ravisankar, you should be thinking and acting like a team combining your strengths. And sometimes, the final step is simply about instincts. You have to trust yourself. When anyone is joining a new company, training is crucial, and that extends to executives.

Rise of the Millennial CEO | Site Selection Magazine

It's your job to help them integrate into the system and help focus on the right issues and key problems to solve. You also need to give them the autonomy to make decisions so that they can be effective leaders. Lanng emphasizes that this is especially important in a startup environment, as many young tech companies are.

Executive hiring decisions can have a big impact on the success of the company, so it's important to monitor their impact and re-evaluate when necessary. This doesn't have to mean replacing them, at least not immediately.

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  8. Millennials bring with them significant buying and decision making power, already representing the largest group of smartphone owners and top car buyers. Millennials are pragmatic and highly esteem value. As a millennial, I can say that I highly value the mentorship, success and life-experience of those further along in life.

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    Evaluate your current on boarding and team engagement strategies for where you may need to hone focus and bridge the generational gap. Survey your team. Host one-on-on interviews and team discussions.

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    Bring on an expert to help evaluate your process. Leading Millennials: We Want to Work Together As a millennial, I can say that I highly value the mentorship, success and life-experience of those further along in life.